The OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the Cushing Bands of Cushing, Oklahoma.

Students in the Cushing Public Schools are given the opportunity to participate in the band program, and to learn and progress musically as far as their abilities and desires permit them. If a student accepts the challenge, has the self-discipline required, and feels his/her responsibility toward the band, then he/she will undoubtedly succeed.

The Cushing Instrumental Music Department strives to provide a well rounded band curriculum for each student. Students at the lower levels are provided with fundamental instruction on their instruments and ensemble playing. A variety of opportunities become available as the student progresses. Students at the secondary level have the opportunity to participate in marching band, concert band, and stageband. Students also have an opportunity to compete and excel in individual competitions such as honor bands and various solo and ensemble contests.

The Cushing Public School's band program forms a vital and important part of the total school life. This group represents a large, colorful, visible, and highly disciplined segment of the school groups. School life and many of the programs and traditions of the school would seem dull without the presence of the band. An appearance by one of the bands adds a great deal of color and life to the Cushing community.